Livermore Falls and Machias Maine

The area known as Livermore was settled in the 1770’s as Port Royal, and derived its name from Deacon Elijah Livermore, one of the first settlers in the area. The town of Livermore was incorporated in 1795, with a county line running through the middle based on the Androscoggin River. West of the river was part of Oxford County and east of the river was part of Kennebec County. The town of East Livermore was incorporated March 1, 1844, was set off from Kennebec county on March 31, 1854, to create Androscoggin County, and eventually came to be known as Livermore Falls Village.  From Livermore Falls home page

This is a panoramic map from 1889 available from

What a lovely town this would be to visit on a vacation.

The first naval battle of the American Revolution was the Battle of Machias. The town was incorporated in 1784. and it is a wonderful little twon in southeast Maine.

This panoramic map of Machias ME is available here

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